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Crowns, also known as ‘caps' are a structurally tried and tested treatment to strengthen the external tooth surface, improving function and appearance. They generally last a long time. A crown is a shell that covers your entire tooth above gum level. It is made from a model made from an impression of your tooth. There are 4 different materials that can be used to make a crown at the back of the mouth.

This is Tom, who has had crowns and bridgework completed at Shore Dental. Read about his story here.

Tom's Case Study

American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Full Porcelain Crowns (EMAX or EMPRESS)


Strong, WHITE natural appearance with no metal. Multiple shades, colours, transparencies and opacities.


Can potentially fracture with time.Gold Crowns


Strong, (will never break), non irritant precious metal, less removal of tooth structure.


Appearance, cost of gold.

Porcelain Crowns Fused To Metal


White and strong, long term tried and tested solution


Can look less ‘toothlike' when compared to a full porcelain crown and can fracture away from the underlying metal with time

Zirconia Crowns


White, full metal will never break, therefore a very strong solution


Can look lifeless – even though white in colour it can look opaque.

How much do crowns cost?

Emax/ empress porcelain crown $1800-$2,200

Gold crown $2,200-$2,400

Porcelain fused to metal crown $1,800-$2,200

Zirconia crown $1600-$2,200

Crowns Patient Case Studies

These case studies are all Shore Dental patients. The work has been completed by Dr Ben Wilcox or Dr James Cooke at the Shore Dental practice. For more examples of the work done at Shore Dental, please visit our Smile Gallery.