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Shore Dental
2 Water Road
Neutral Bay, NSW
Phone: 02 9953 1124
We are conveniently located in Neutral Bay, just off Military Road. We are a short bus ride from the city and North Sydney and are surrounded by plenty of free parking.

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  • 2 Waters Road, Neutral Bay, NSW, 2089 (Australia)
  • 02 9953 1124

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    Where can I park?

    The best place to park is under Woolworths (there is one on each side of Military Road). This gives you total flexibility without the constant worry of having to feed the meter. Access is from Grosvenor Street (going towards Manly) and Yeo Street (going towards the city). The first two hours are free, and approximately $4 per hour beyond that. Most of the parking on the street nearby is 1P or 2P. Parking inspectors are fairly active in the Neutral Bay area, so if you park on a meter or restricted area, please tell us if you need to be out by a certain time as the fine is approximately $80.