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Do you need emergency dental? If there is one thing that cannot wait, it’s pain. Toothaches can be caused by broken teeth, cracked teeth, decayed teeth, wisdom teeth, or a trauma; but whatever the cause, they are uncomfortable and inconvenient. Even if you don’t have tooth pain, severe damage to your teeth or infection needs to be treated immediately to avoid further damage.

Don’t wait, Shore Dental can get you in to see a dentist today.

Do I need an emergency dentist?

Do you have a persistent toothache, cracked tooth or swollen gums? If you answered yes, you need to call the dentist. Whatever the cause of your toothache or jaw pain, it may be a serious issue that could cause more damage if left for too long. Some serious causes of dental emergencies include:

deeply decaying tooth Toothache due to deep decay
an exposed or dying nerve An exposed or dying nerve
infected gums and tooth Infection around erupting wisdom teeth
broken tooth Broken or knocked out teeth

What can I do to relieve my dental pain at home?

Once you have called to make an appointment at Shore Dental, you may need to make yourself more comfortable at home. Here are some tips for caring for your teeth in a dental emergency:

clean tooth Keep your teeth and gums clean removing plaque and bacteria regularly
numbing mouthwash Buy a numbing chlorhexidine mouthwash if you have a gum or wisdom tooth infection
pain medication You can take anti-inflammatory pain medication such as ibuprofen or paracetamol
braces Do not attempt to remove your tooth or loose orthodontic wires or brackets
cold temperature If swelling occurs, apply a cold press to your cheek outside the mouth

For more tips on caring for relieving pain and swelling in a dental emergency, read our blog, What should I do in a dental emergency?

What should I tell the emergency dentist when I call?

In order for the dentist to treat your emergency dental pain properly, you should give as much information as possible about your dental history and the accident which caused your pain (if any.) Some questions we might ask you when you call include:

How long have you been in pain for?

Where is the pain located? Upper, lower, left or right?

Is the pain constant or fluctuating?

Does anything make the pain worse? Hot or cold, biting down on the tooth?

Do you have a history of dental pain?

What emergency dental treatments does Shore Dental offer?

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal can, in many patients, prevent dental health issues such as moving teeth, jaw pain and infections. Humans no longer need our wisdom teeth to break down food and mostly our jaw size cannot accommodate them. So often young adults will have theirs removed so as not to reverse any orthodontic treatment or other cosmetic dentistry. Dr Wilcox will advise you whether wisdom teeth removal is a necessary procedure for you. Infection of the gum around wisdom teeth is a common problem and cause of considerable pain. When this happens the problem can recur and only goes away once the wisdom tooth is removed. Much like a splinter needs to be removed.

Painless Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is a procedure where your dentist cleans out the root of a tooth that is severely decayed or dying. By cleaning out the canals and restoring your tooth, your dentist can save it from extraction. At Shore Dental we use modern technology to perform a painless root canal treatment.

Broken Tooth (Trauma)

A broken tooth, cracked tooth, chipped tooth, or tooth knocked out by trauma are often painful experiences that need to be seen to immediately. At Shore Dental, we treat your broken or lost tooth as just that - an emergency. Depending on the severity of the trauma, we will either repair and save your tooth with a filling, crown, veneer or root canal treatment; or if it is beyond saving, we will replace your tooth with a natural looking and feeling implant or bridge.

Lost Filling

Leaving a lost filling untreated can cause severe problems such as further tooth decay and wear. At Shore Dental we can have a new, tooth-coloured filling fitted immediately, preventing further damage, and restoring your normal mouth function, meaning you can eat and speak without pain or problem.

Does Shore Dental offer dental pain relief?

Dental emergencies can be a scary experience, but having them treated will improve your dental pain significantly, if not completely remove it. At Shore Dental we aim to make your dental experience as pleasant and pain free as possible, with a range of different pain relief options available.

Can I have Pain Free Dentistry?

Dental sedation, otherwise known as pain free dentistry, is when you are placed either under general anaesthetic or intravenous/conscious sedation for your dental treatment. Dental sedation is commonly used for dental treatments such as wisdom teeth removal, and it is a fantastic option for patients who are highly anxious or suffer with dental phobia.

Can I have emergency dental treatment if I am pregnant?

Yes. At Shore Dental we always take the utmost care with all of our patients. As long as you let us know that you are pregnant, we will not do any procedures that may harm your unborn baby. For more information on how to take good care of your dental health when pregnant, read our guide.