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Has your filling fallen out or come loose when eating something hard? The team at Shore Dental can help. Using the latest white resin fillings, we can replace your filling, ensuring it seamlessly bonds to your teeth, almost invisible when you smile. If you don't replace your lost filling straight away, your fragile, exposed tooth can be damaged further, causing more serious problems down the track.

Contact Shore Dental immediately to have your filling replaced by Dr Wilcox or Dr Cooke.

What are replacement fillings?

dental drill being used on top teeth

Replacement fillings, or composite fillings, are used to replace amalgam fillings, which are silver in appearance. Amalgam fillings are considered safe by the Australian Dental Association, however, it is commonly acknowledged that amalgam releases small amounts of mercury from these dental fillings during function – more so during the process of removal. As well as releasing small amounts of mercury, silver fillings can be unsightly, especially when they are on teeth that are easily visible while you are talking.

Shore Dental has a service for the safe removal and replacement of amalgam fillings. Like any other restoration, it is possible for a white filling to fail, but generally they can exist as a part of your mouth ecosystem for years to come.

Replacement Fillings Case Studies

These case studies are all Shore Dental patients. The work has been completed by Dr Ben Wilcox or Dr James Cooke at the Shore Dental practice. See more in our Smile Gallery.

before and after treatment before and after treatment