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Ben Wilcox
Ben is the practice principal at Shore Dental, Sydney. He graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2004 and…

It Really Sucks: Dental Innovation Comes Straight Out of Australia | Shore Dental Blog

November 16, 2013 by Ben Wilcox


Screengrab from the iLight Suction YouTube page.

Finally, the days of having your mouth awkwardly held open and the saliva vacuumed out of your mouth by an assistant while you're in the dentist's chair are over, thanks to a revolutionary Australian designed dental device – the iLight Suction.

The simple contraption improves the process of dentistry for both the dentist and the patient, providing continuous and uninterrupted suction in the mouth, internal illumination and retraction of the mouth. With less disruption during procedures, treatment times have been reduced by up to 30%, sending patients along on their merry way sooner. This is also good news for dental assistants, who are able to prepare and pass instruments without interruption.

The iLight Suction has single-use disposable mouthpieces that can be set up in ten seconds, which provides patients with the peace of mind that they are receiving excellent standards of treatment. There are a variety of mouthpieces to fit all mouths, each made from soft flexible material, ensuring the patient is comfortable during treatment. If a mouthpiece doesn't fit, then it can simply be cut down to size.

Other Sydney dentists have been quoted as saying that they now use the iLight Suction for up to 80% of their patients, and that the traditional method of a rubber dam, cotton rolls and an assistant constantly suctioning will never be as effective as the iLight Suction.

Could the iLight Suction be the device the dentistry industry has needed this whole time? Reduced discomfort and reduced treatment times can only mean good things, but what do you think?